In control of your Greenhouse processes wherever you are

MyWAVE Solutions resets its focus to the Horticulture, Agriculture and Forestry industries. Both our revised products- & services offer and our new “Growth Safety Program” are the new waves we will be sailing on. If you are interested in our focus and want to sail along in order to innovate your growth safety, please contact us.

The most problems are caused by small and simple details that were ignored or forgotten. MyWAVE Solutions provides you the tools for bringing insight and order in the jungle of various processes. Our solutions cover Growth support, Greenhouse maintenance, Protocol- & instructions video and Disease control.

Growth Control Monitor for storing high volumes of pictures, video and text in order to monitor growth process and supporting sales and marketing.

Maintenance Registration System for reporting incidents and request for maintenance during your daily tasks. With MRS on board, no incidents or requests get lost.

Intraction is a company and worldwide Intranet solution for steering and education of important processes such as spraying and disease prevention.

Video productions for promotion or instruction purposes. An instruction video saves a lot of time. Especially in cases where the message has to be told many times.